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About Us


Spanish Diaspora, Sacred Numbers, Ancient and Modern

Soaring ceilings. Seat of culture. For nearly two millennia the cathedral has played a vital role in shaping the voice and destiny of human communities throughout time and space.

Cathedral Arts Project continues this tradition with an engaging series exploring unique perspectives created in large part through Cathedral Culture. The Spanish speaking world has left an indelible impact on human history, and the Cathedral has been part of that process. Mathematics underwent an almost mystical transformation as European architects created the ratios, designs, and formulas that would become what we now call Western aesthetic. Finally, we will present events, ancient and modern, highlighting the fact that cathedrals were there long ago and are still here today, serving local communities; presenting beauty, truth and goodness; and helping shape the future.

Our Story

Cathedral Arts Project (CAP) was founded in 1985 to promote and celebrate the performing and visual arts in Omaha’s historic St. Cecilia Cathedral. This concept dates back to the Middle Ages when cathedrals were erected in the heart of the city as awe-inspiring monuments to God. Cathedrals also became the heart of the community’s culture. It was there that artists and musicians presented their master works and dramatists produced mystery and morality plays to teach and entertain.

This vibrant tradition provided the inspiration for renewing the concept of celebrating the arts in the masterwork of renowned architect Thomas Rogers Kimball: Omaha’s St. Cecilia Cathedral.

Throughout the past 39 years, many have come to know CAP as the organization that holds “that wonderful flower show” in the dead of winter. While 10,000 people visit the festival annually, many more know us for unique musical and visual events - including performing artists such as Spire, Tallis Scholars, Vienna Choir Boys, Anonymous IV and Chanticleer – all in the sumptuous acoustic of the cathedral.

The Cathedral Cultural Center has become a destination for tourists as well as the local population. The Sheehan Museum, O’Donnell Lecture Hall, Gift Shop and Sunderland Gallery – all admission free – offer a variety of programs, including six art exhibitions annually.

Our Staff


Frederika ver Holst
Executive Assistant,
Marketing Coordinator


James Pierson
Gift Shop Manager


Stephen Carter

Cathedral Arts Project Board 2023-2024

Bro. William Woeger, FSC - Founder


Executive Committee

Judy Kennedy - President/Interim Executive Director
Msgr. James Gilg - Immediate Past President
Dr. Carol Ebdon - Treasurer
Mindy Ream - Secretary


Board of Directors

Max Allen

Jerry Brabec

Deborah Derrick

K.C. Halpine

Kami Kuhlman

Carter Lohman

Katrina Moerles

Dr. Daniel Page

Rev. John Pietramale

Dr. Martina Saltamacchia

Mary Sneed

Linda Stigge

John Wees

Bob Weil

Marya Weil

Ex-officio Board of Directors

Dr. Marie Rubis Bauer

Rev. Jeremy Hans

Archbishop George Lucas

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